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Contact Person Germany (Michael Länge, Head of export) +49 (0)711 94350000 export@eltako.de

Technical Support +49 (0)711 94350025 technical-support@eltako.de Monday-Thursday: 7:30 - 17:00 Friday: 7:30 - 16:00

Customer service with order processing +49 (0)711 943 500 01 export@eltako.de

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Questions and answers


Where can I purchase Eltako products?
Specialist companies can purchase Eltako products from electrical wholesalers. As an end user, please contact your trusted electrician.


Where can I find the Eltako engraving service?

At Downloads you will find a selection of engraving templates. You can also order individual engravings.

Smart Home

How does a smart home work?

A smart home typically consists of several elements. These include actuators such as radiator controllers, lamps, shutters, blinds and ventilation systems, which can be easily integrated into a smart home.
Input devices so that even a short click on a switch is enough or, of course, tapping on the smartphone. Essential functions in the room, such as switching lights on and off, are always available in the form of a button on the wall.
In addition, sensors which are required, for example, to measure room temperatures or the weather and give a signal as to whether doors and windows are open or closed. In combination with a Smart Home control panel (Eltako Safe, wibutler, mediola), these two components form the heart of a Smart Home.
Last but not least, the networking, which brings all the strands of the system together to form the safe, so that all the components can talk to each other and be controlled.

What is a smart home?

New buildings and core-renovated old buildings should be economical, sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable and usable in the long term.
We try to cover this demand with our products and solutions. It is important for us that they interact intelligently, intuitively and safely.
The goal is for your smart home to think like you, know about your needs, and act in accordance with season, weather, presence, and lifestyle.
Over 1001 possibilities, such as the right lighting mood for the atmosphere.
We create for you a comfortable lifestyle without equal.

Technical information

Where can I find operating instructions and other technical information about my products?

Operating instructions and technical information can be found on the respective product page, as well as in the “Download” section.
You are also welcome to download our catalogue or order it home free of charge.

Who is my contact for technical questions about Eltako products?

Your general contact for Eltako products is the technical service hotline.
They will provide you with expert assistance in proper planning, installation and in the event of malfunctions.
If you have any questions specifically about Professional Smart Home products, further contacts are available.