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Can an operating device be in several groups?
Yes. Max. in 16 groups
Can I install the DALI bus together with the 230V power supply of the devices?


Can I mix DALI and DALI-2?

Basically, the same commands are used for DALI and DALI-2, so DALI-2 devices can be used in conventional systems without any problems.

How can the bus be assembled? Star, ring, tree …

Everything is allowed except a ring.

How long can a DALI line be?

Max. 300 m with a cross section of 1.5 mm²

How many groups are possible?

A maximum of 16 groups are possible in a DALI line.

How many operating devices are possible?

64 DALI operating devices are permitted in a DALI circuit.

What are operating devices?

DALI operating devices can e.g. B. LED drivers with an integrated DALI interface.

What are scenes?

A scene defines a specific state for each operating device (dimming value, colour temperature, colour depending on the device type).

What is a DALI group?

A group is a combination of several operating devices that are controlled together via the group address.

What is Broadcast?

Broadcast are simple telegrams that distribute the command equally to all participants.

What is DALI-2?

DALI-2 is a new standard available since November 2014. DALI-2 is intended to eliminate ambiguities in the existing standard and ensure better interoperability between devices from different manufacturers.

What is DALI?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and means that DALI lights can be addressed and controlled individually.

What is single/multimaster?

Single master means that in a DALI system there is only one master that sends the commands to the slaves (operating devices). Multimaster means that active communication is permitted for several participants on one line. Something like this will e.g. B. needed for buttons, motion detectors, smartphones or similar.

What power do operating devices require?

Max. 2mA.

What voltage do the equipment require?

The DALI standard states that the voltage range must be between 9.5 and 22 volts.

Which components do I need for DALI?

The simplest DALI system consists of a DALI bus supply, a DALI operating device, for example an LED driver.


An incorrect percentage is displayed in the Apple Home app.

Let the ESB62-IP move from the bottom to the top to calibrate it automatically.

Can a switch be connected to the control inputs instead of a pushbutton that may be mounted in front of it?

Yes, it is possible.

Can the control input on the ESB62-IP be prioritised?

This is not yet possible.

The direction of movement of the ESB62-IP is not displayed correctly in the Apple Home app.

Make sure that the switching outputs of the ESB62-IP are connected the right way up.


Can this also be used to switch low voltages (e.g. 12V) without any problems?

Yes, this is possible with the ESR62PF. The contact here is potential-free.


The connected pushbutton on the EUD is pressed and nothing happens.

Try a long press of the pushbutton. Maybe the minimum brightness is set too low. You can increase the minimum brightness via the Eltako Connect app.


Can I always use the included Matter QR code to pair the Matter device?

No, the Matter QR code can only be used for pairing in the first ecosystem, e.g. Apple Home. If another ecosystem is to be added, a new QR code or numeric code must be generated from the ecosystem that has already paired.

Can I use Matter devices with multiple ecosystems at the same time?

Yes, this is possible in principle. Parents can control the Matter device via the Apple Home app with an iPhone, for example, and children can control it via the Amazon Alexa app with an Android device.

Do I need internet access to use Matter?

No, Matter devices can be used without internet access.

How long do I have to pair my Matter device via the QR code during the initial commissioning?

After your Matter device has been powered, you have 15 minutes to complete the initial start-up.

You’ll then need to briefly unplug and reconnect the Matter device to pair the device.

What do I do if the Matter device cannot be paired?

Try resetting the device to factory settings. Please refer to the user manual of your Matter device.

What do I need to control a device via Matter?

To control a device via Matter, you’ll need a matching Matter controller.

Depending on the ecosystem, there are different Matter controllers, in the case of Apple Home, for example, this is a HomePod mini.


Where can I purchase Eltako products?

Specialist companies can purchase Eltako products from electrical wholesalers. As an end user, please contact your trusted electrician.

Series 62-IP

Device shows “not available” in Apple Home.

Make sure you are on the correct WLAN.

Does the Eltako Connect app communicate directly with the series 62-IP for configuration (no additional module is required)?

The Eltako Connect app can communicate directly with the series 62-IP via WLAN. However, we recommend using a WLAN router/access point; this is mandatory for Apple HomeKit, for example.

I wanted to do a factory reset with the local button, but nothing happens / the device just restarts.

Make sure the device has not been switched on for longer than 5 minutes. The feature will be disabled 5 minutes after startup for security reasons. Alternatively, try a factory reset by interrupting the mains voltage or using the Eltako Connect app.

Is Apple Home required to control the series 62-IP via Apple devices?

Yes, Apple Home is required. The Eltako Connect app is only used for configuration. In addition, control via REST API is possible.

The device doesn’t get the latest firmware version, even though I know there is an update from Eltako.

Make sure the device is connected to the internet. If you are sure that the update has been released for more than 12 hours, the device should have already downloaded the update. Make sure the product is in an inactive state (e.g. relay output off) for a few seconds so that it can restart.

What differentiates the series 64 from the series 62-IP?

The series 64 will also have an EnOcean radio module.

What to do if the series 62-IP cannot be taught in?

Check your WLAN settings. Communication between devices may be prohibited in your WLAN. This is often the case, for example, in guest WLANs.

What to do if the series 62-IP still cannot be taught in?

Check your WLAN settings. Communication between devices may be prohibited in your WLAN. This is often the case, for example, in guest WLANs.


Where can I find the Eltako engraving service?

At Downloads you will find a selection of engraving templates. You can also order individual engravings.

Smart Home

How does a smart home work?

A smart home typically consists of several elements. These include actuators such as radiator controllers, lamps, shutters, blinds and ventilation systems, which can be easily integrated into a smart home.
Input devices so that even a short click on a switch is enough or, of course, tapping on the smartphone. Essential functions in the room, such as switching lights on and off, are always available in the form of a button on the wall.
In addition, sensors which are required, for example, to measure room temperatures or the weather and give a signal as to whether doors and windows are open or closed. In combination with a Smart Home control panel (Eltako Safe, wibutler, mediola), these two components form the heart of a Smart Home.
Last but not least, the networking, which brings all the strands of the system together to form the safe, so that all the components can talk to each other and be controlled.

What is a smart home?

New buildings and core-renovated old buildings should be economical, sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable and usable in the long term.
We try to cover this demand with our products and solutions. It is important for us that they interact intelligently, intuitively and safely.
The goal is for your smart home to think like you, know about your needs, and act in accordance with season, weather, presence, and lifestyle.
Over 1001 possibilities, such as the right lighting mood for the atmosphere.
We create for you a comfortable lifestyle without equal.

Technical information

Where can I find operating instructions and other technical information about my products?

Operating instructions and technical information can be found on the respective product page, as well as in the “Download” section.
You are also welcome to download our catalogue or order it home free of charge.

Who is my contact for technical questions about Eltako products?

Your general contact for Eltako products is the technical service hotline.
They will provide you with expert assistance in proper planning, installation and in the event of malfunctions.
If you have any questions specifically about Professional Smart Home products, further contacts are available.


Can several evaluation units be connected to the WMS weather data multisensor?

Up to 64 MSR12-UC, FWG14MS or FWS61-24V DC evaluation units can be connected to the weather data multisensor in order to evaluate a WMS multiple times.

How can you analyse the weather data?

With the MSR12-UC, switching commands can be generated directly via threshold values. This allows shading systems, for example, to be controlled with our EGS12 and EGS61 group switches. It can also be used for other applications, such as outdoor lighting controlled by the twilight.

With the FWG14MS or FWS61-24C DC, the data can be transmitted directly to actuators from the series 14 and 71. The weather data for shading control, for example, is then taken into account in the actuators depending on the application. For more complex solutions, the weather data can be visualised in controllers and linked to logics.

How is the WMS weather data multisensor connected?

How should the WMS weather data multisensor be installed?

You can find the installation instructions in our instruction manual.

What power supply do I need for the WMS weather data multisensor?

A power supply unit WNT15- 24VDC/24W or WNT61-24VDC/10W is required for the power supply including heating of the rain sensor

Which connection cable should I lay to the WMS weather data multisensor?

The connection is made using standard telephone cable (J-Y(ST)Y 2 × 2 × 0.8)

Which data does the weather data multi-sensor provide?

The weather station records brightness from three directions (0…99,000 lux), wind (0…35 m/s), rain and temperature (-40…+80°C)