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The definition of sustainable development states that the needs of the present must be met in a way that does not limit the opportunities of future generations.

We want to work with our innovations according to this principle: we develop advanced technologies that improve the lives of our customers now and in the future, while never losing sight of the goal of becoming ever more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

EnOcean Technoloy

Our wireless sensors with EnOcean technology collect and store kinetic, thermal and solar energy from the environment. This so-called “energy harvesting” provides exactly the energy that is required to send a radio telegram. This means that there is no need for any type of power supply.

For example, many of our outdoor sensors work primarily with solar energy. If you place them in a sufficiently bright place, they are immediately ready for use. This saves resources and energy and makes the sensors maintenance-free.

You can find out more about our cooperation with EnOcean here.

Eco-friendly ordering process, shipping and service

Our customer communications and orders are mainly digital. The WhatsApp, telephone and mail service helps customers and saves resources at the same time.

Our packaging and shipping materials are made of paper, cardboard or compostable plastic.

No standby loss due to bistable relays

By using latching relays, these products have zero standby loss. This usually occurs when a relay is energized. With the help of a special technology, ours are mechanically locked and thus save this energy.


More than 10 years ago we were part of a Baden-Württemberg research project that checked the suitability for everyday use of e-cars. At that time, the first cars of this type found their use in our company. In the meantime, many of our employees have been equipped with electrically powered vehicles, which can be “charged up” using the company’s own charging stations on our premises.

We are convinced that e-mobility can make a major contribution to a climate-friendly future and are therefore planning to continue expanding our e-fleet.

Another environmentally friendly offer for our employees was created through our collaboration with the company “BusinessBikes”. ELTAKO supports all employees in leasing a bicycle, whether a classic or a modern e-bike. Not only does this get you from A to B faster, you can enjoy more time in the fresh air and keep moving despite your working day, but you can also do something for the environment!