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Eltako presents the first impulse switch: The S6w is practical, inexpensive and fits exactly into the 70mm housing
Junction box – for a long time the preferred place of all remote switches.

This is followed by the first installation relay R6w in the same design and the first multipole devices.
The range is supplemented by timer relays, remote switches for the 55 mm switch box and the rail-mounted devices


The first electronic impulse switch and the first electronic installation relay

in hybrid technology
World premiere. This is followed by electronic impulse switches for central control and electronic staircase lighting delay timers.
Among them the world’s first staircase light timer for duel control voltages 8V and 220V.
Presentation of the world’s first single-module universal voltage multifunction time relay MFZ.

We are developing new inovations all the time:

Single-module universal voltage multifunction time-delay relay with
LCD display. Staircase lighting timer with automatic detection of the switching mode and switch-off pre-warning.
Single-module dimmer switches. Impulse switch with off-delay and switch-off pre-warning. 4-way impulse switch. Self-learning field disconnects. The NP series with microcontroller and contact circuit with zero crossing.
Digital AC meters 20 to 65A.


Multifunction time relay with 18 functions

Multifunction impulse switch and multifunction relay. All with universal control voltage and minimised stand-by loss. Three-phase electronic meters, only 4 modules wide. Universal dimmer with multifunction and for central control. The first electronic impulse switch in hybrid technology controlled by a microcontroller without any stand-by loss. Wide range of switching power supplies with minimised stand-by loss.
Switchgear with patented duplex technology.

Eltako – The Wireless Building

Unlimited flexibility and convenience in building installation. Sensors, actuators and
control panels with the EnOcean wireless standard. Dimmer switch and staircase lighting timer optimised for energy-saving lamps
and LED lamps. 2-channel Astro time switch for central control. The E-Design: switches, buttons, sensors, frames and
Accessories in Eltako design. The Tipp-Funk® – a new Eltako wireless building with Smart Home applications.


Smart Home Professional – the intelligent system in the building.