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New DALI-2-capable products for intelligent lighting control

From now on, customers can discover our latest innovations in lighting control! We proudly present our new DALI-2-capable products.

As a multimaster-capable DALI 2 to Series 14 gateway, our FD2G14 from Series 14 allows direct connection of DALI 2 systems to Series 14 installations and the other way around. The system offers the processing of DALI 2 event messages, which makes intelligent automation and integration with EnOcean systems easier. Furthermore, it offers an integrated DALI-2 power supply with 200mA for simplified installation.

More about this? Click here for the product page.

Our three push-button couplers transform conventional push-buttons into smart, DALI-2-capable control elements – perfect for extensions or getting started with intelligent control.

The differences between the three versions can be found here:

Our new DALI-2-certified motion detectors, which have been developed for general and specialised office environments, are also waiting to be discovered. They enable precise motion detection and constant light control for optimum workplace lighting.

Here you can find more information about the standard version for your own four walls.
Use this link to go to the product page of the office version.

Combined with our Series 14, intelligent office solutions can easily be realised and energy efficiency can be increased through lighting, shading and climate control.

Enjoy the products!