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Customer service with order processing +49 (0)711 943 500 01 export@eltako.de

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We are proud to be one of the among the most important specialists ins . Our products can almost every wishThere are no limits to your lighting installation ideas. We offer sensors that detect motion or brightness and actuators that can dim, switch, time and much more. Installed For example, in the children’s rooms a snooze circuit or in the garden a lighting system which automatically switches on when it gets dark. With us you receive products, which provide both in the interior, and in the external area for a mad lighting. Other important features are our comfort controls. This includes the central ON and OFF with theen button click all the lights in your house or a functional building together on or off together. For example, the central off button at the apartment door is ideal. Once pressed, you can be sure that no light is left on in the entire building. Conversely, when an alarm is triggered, the entire house lighting should come on. Our products can be controlled in the classic way via pushbuttons or various other sensors. And of course also via app with the smartphone via the Smart Home System.

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