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EnOcean wireless tubular motor with whisper mode

The EnOcean wireless tubular motor with whisper mode

Every morning and evening with the same hand on the roller shutter belt – the roller shutter is opened or closed with a loud clatter. How convenient it would be to be able to do that by the press button or even by an app.

With our new FRM60 wireless tubular motor for roller shutters and awnings, this can be done very easily. The integrated EnOcean wireless module eliminates the need for additional installation effort required for the installation of actuators. Simply connect the motor, teach in the button … done!

Special functions for additional comfort

Particularly quiet: If the “slow speed” is started by tapping the wireless pushbutton for a longer time, the roller shutters move particularly gently and almost silently in the so-called whisper mode.

Long service life of the devices: By integrating a soft brake, not only is the noise level greatly reduced, but at the same time a longer service life of the sunshade is achieved.

Exact position indication: When controlling via a smartphone, the travel commands for “Up” and “Down” can be started with the exact position indication. Since the wireless tubular motors report back its exact position after each traverse, it always displayed its correct position on the app. In addition, it’s always synchronised automatically each time the end positions are reached.

Lock-out protection: If a wireless window/door contact is taught-in, the lock-out protection is activated when the window/door is open, which prevents down commands, for example from a time controlled action

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