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Here are mainly sensors can be foundwhich detect changes in your environment, these to the corresponding actuators and/or the Smart Home central and thus trigger an action. To protect you and your home as best as possible, we recommend the following products: the wirelessWatersensor warnslike it the name says, Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for Floods or burst water pipes. It simply sends its signal wirelessly to the EltakoThis allows you to trigger actions that you can define freely. A window-door contact reports every movement of a window and thus ensures, for example, that no one can gain unauthorized access to your home. Our motion sensors monitor your roomswhen you’re out of the house and at the same time can be used to Light Sync and corrections by n17t01 switch, when you get home. You can monitor the indoor air with air quality sensors. This is also part of the security issue. In case of “bad air” you can then ventilate automatically or manually. SmartSmoke– or heatdetectors trigger an alarm as soon as they detect smoke smoke or extreme heat (fire) and you will hear about it even if you are not at home.. Alarm is the right keyword when it comes to forwarding the information of all these products: As actuator for the external perception of a dangerous situation you can connect our wireless outdoor siren “FAS260SA”. This reacts to all critical signals and alert audibly. Abhe of course also by the Smart Home central on your smartphone a push notification can be displayed on your smartphone.

It is also advisable to integrate other actuators (light, shading) into the safety topic. In the event of a burglar alarm for example immediately everywhere light “ON” and all rollerladen “UP” go.

Links to the mentioned products can be found here: