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The Wibutler pro controller had its market launch in Germany in 2015. The smart home controller integrates devices from various manufacturers and differing protocols. They have made the digitisation and the continued development of independent and holistic technologies in the home their main focus. Consiquently Wibutler has contrinued to establish itself in this field in recent years.

In addition to Eltako, the Wibutler Alliance unites over 30 experienced manufacturers on one platform, thus enabling customers to centrally control and configure certain existing and new devices. Here we work together with other well-known alliance members such as Viessmann, Oventrop, Busch-Jaeger or also BEGA on the improvement and development of product innovations, so that even more compatibility and performance can be offered. The wibutler configurator provides you with individually tested product recommendations that exactly match your new building project..


Storing personal screen settings, switching, dimming, etc. There are many options for Eltako Professional Smart Home products to be controlled and monitored through the Wibutler.

Indoor temperature:

Too warm or too cold? The wibutler makes it “just right”. Automatic adjustment of the room temperature and readjustment with a few clicks create the right temperature in every room at all times.


Smart is safe. Whether smoke detectors, camera monitoring, motion detectors, window and door monitoring or presence simulation: Eltako offers many solutions to make the home safer.


Roller shutters, venetian blinds and awnings can be controlled automatically by sensor, time or central function. This not only keeps you cool, but also saves energy costs for heating or air conditioning.

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