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Time switch with Bluetooth and Eltako Connect app


The new 2-channel time switch “SU12DBT/1+1-UC” can be installed with the display and Bluetooth! This works with the newly launched Eltako Connect app. It enables quick activation, deactivation, and adjustment of the 60 program options of our new time switch. In addition, the user interface offers various display options and simplifies general handling.

The product is available now, and the corresponding app is available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


The new modular installation device has two channels, an Astro function, a minimal standby loss, and up to 60 timer switch memory locations. As with all our display devices, the setting can be altered using the MODE and SET buttons. What is NEW, however, is that you can also do this very conveniently via the Eltako Connect app. You solely have to switch the device to Bluetooth mode using the right button, then scan the QR code on the operating instructions and enter the pin.

The data sheet linked below explains how to set the date, language, and much more directly on the timer.


The new app is intended to be a little helper for installers and private customers, making it easier to store and adjust the desired automation. For example, the calendar view gives you an overview of all active switching commands depending on the day of the week, and, in the event of an unplanned absence, you can change or even deactivate them in just a few steps. The Eltako Connect app also simplifies deleting saved programs and configuring the device language, the date, or the time. In addition, unintentional unauthorized access can be prevented with a pin code.

The app adapts to technological changes and advances through updates and is therefore future-proof.