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ELTAKO Connect-App

Eltako Connect-App

The brand new app will be a little helper for the commissioning and configuration of different ELTAKO products. Now you can set up the functions and switching times of our new Bluetooth time switch and our new Bluetooth multifunction time relay on your smartphone and transfer the data to your devices. The new series 62-IP uses the app to configure the actuators. Many further product developments in the future will be designed for comfortable commissioning and setup through this app.

Through updates, the app adapts to technological changes and advances, making it future-proof.


The new DIN-rail mounted device has two channels, Astro function, a particularly low stand-by loss, and up to 60 timer memory locations. As with all our display devices, the settings can be made using the MODE and SET buttons. NEW, however, is that you can now also do this very conveniently via the Eltako Connect app. All you have to do is set the device to Bluetooth mode using the right button, then scan the QR code on the operating instructions and enter the pin.

How to set the date, language, and much more directly on the switch is explained in the datasheet linked below.


We upgraded the multifunction relay known from the series 12:

Our “MFZ12DBT-UC” can now communicate via Bluetooth and thus parameterize itself with the Eltako Connect app. This means that the teach-in does not have to be performed on the buttons of the device, but rather very easily via smartphone or tablet. Eighteen functions such as “response and/or release delay”, “clock generator” or “wiper function” are available, as with the previous version without Bluetooth. The app allows you to select from 18 programmes and customise them to your individual specifications.

For more information, see the data sheet.

Series 62-IP

The “Series 62-IP” transforms your current shading and lighting elements into products that can be controlled with a smartphone. The BR 62-IP actuators and the new Eltako Connect app enable this. The BR62-IP actuators are based on the established Eltako series 62, but we have equipped them with an additional WLAN interface, making configuration and integration into your Apple Home very easy thanks to the Eltako Connect app. They are Apple Home-ready and built for matter, making this series not only modern but also future-proof.