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The cooperation between Eltako and mediola® combines the strengths of both companies and thus gets the best out of their respective expertise. This saves resources on both sides, resulting in the optimum product at the optimum price for our customers.

Who are mediola®?

mediola® manufactures IoT solutions and smart home controllers that enable customers to use them across brands and industries. With their solution, different devices, from many different manufacturers can be combined within one installation and complement each other. This saves time, money and the customer remains independent in the selection of manufacturers. The company was founded in 2007 in Frankfurt and currently has 2 different apps on the market: The IQONTROL NEO app is prefabricated, intuitive and easy to use, whereas the AIO CREATOR NEO app is suitable for more professional use and offers flexible adjustments up to a completely individual user interface.

Eltako and mediola®

Our expertise as a building control specialist and mediola’s cross-manufacturer smart home solutions enable us to link our products with those of other manufacturers and industries and offer customers a wide range of possible applications.

This creates an all-in-one smart home system, with which every home can be intelligently controlled and automated.

The new MiniSafe2, in combination with the new GFA5 app is the first result of this collaboration. An ideal smart home controller for the Eltako product world and an intuitive app for operation. Without much special knowledge you can turn any home into a smart home!

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On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co. there are regular updates on various topics and thus also always something new about our collaboration with mediola®.

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