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What is behind Matter?

At the beginning of 2021, the Zigbee Alliance published a press release announcing its name change to the “Connectivity Standards Alliance“, or “CSA” for short, and presented the new smart home standard “Matter”.


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Source: Connectivity Standards Alliance, csa-iot.org

This cross-manufacturer collaboration means that customers all over the world can buy products that can be securely integrated into their smart home system.

As long as they comply with the new connection standard, all types of sensors and actuators can be connected to each other.

Who belongs to the “CSA” and what does it stand for?

Through the certification program, the CSA ensures that manufacturers can concentrate on product development in their core business and then later interact in the “Matter” universe on all major platforms and with the products of other manufacturers.

Alongside other major players such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Huawei, IKEA and Samsung, we are also a member of this alliance.We will all integrate the Matter standard into our products to make the Networking of smart devices even easier for our customers.The “Matter” logo therefore automatically signals to customers that they are looking for Compatibility and future-proofing do not have to worry. For example, it is possible to teach devices into Apple Home regardless of the manufacturer and simultaneously control them using Amazon, Google and Apple voice commands.

What are the advantages of this collaboration?

  • One standard for all smart home ecosystems
  • Simple programming of smart home devices using a standardised Matter QR code
  • Four supported transmission standards: Ethernet/Lan cable, Wi-Fi/WLAN, Thread and Bluetooth
  • Matter is an open standard. Therefore simple integration into existing systems
  • Local communication via the home network. No cloud required.
  • Secure. Very high safety standard, thanks to encryption with “blockchain technology”

Find out more about the Matter standard and the CSA alliance here

We welcome our first Matter-capable product: the universal dimmer “EUD62NPN-IPM/110-240V”.

Thanks to our dimming technology, it can easily dim all load types and determine the best possible dimming behavior of your light source using various dimming curves.
It can not only be configured via the ELTAKO Connect app, but can also be integrated into other ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home and Google Home.


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