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In 2008, Eltako joined the EnOcean Alliance and we have been working closely with them ever since. Eltako is one of the major suppliers of EnOcean wireless-based products into the market today. EnOcean GmbH, based in Oberhaching near Munich, stands for the largely battery-free wireless standard and is an important pillar in the supply chain of Professional Smart Home products.

More than 350 companies from various industries have joined forces in the EnOcean Alliance to market products and solutions using this common standard and have now equipped more than 1 million buildings worldwide.

EnOcean patented technology is uses energy harvesting, which obtains the energy required for signal generation from the environment. For this purpose, for example, Kinetic Energy converters or Solar Cells are used, in order to be able to offer devices, which are free of mains electricity and thus is a maintenance-free and environmentally friendly technology.

Energy Harvesting:

EnOcean technology is based on what is known as “energy harvesting”, which obtains the energy required for signal generation from the environment. For this purpose, the sensors collect and store kinetic, thermal and solar power. A keystroke, the temperature difference between radiator and room air, or solar cells can thus be used to provide valuable energy. Due to the very small energy converters and the efficient radio technology, there is no need for batteries or cables. Users are thus offered an intelligent and above all environmentally friendly technology for private use, which also ensures lower power consumption.  

Our Professional Smart Home products with the EnOcean wireless standard are the all-rounders for countless intelligent solutions.

Due to the enormous flexibility, these components can be controlled centrally, decentrally or in a combination of both.
Optionally, a smart home controller can also be used for control, which extends the possibilities of the system.

The fact that the EnOcean wireless standard is integrated by many different manufacturers means that it is highly compatible.
This means that products from different industries and brands can work together in an intelligent system in a smart home control center.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the EnOcean Alliance and our cooperation as partners, you can go directly to the Alliance website here.

On our YouTube channel we show intelligent applications where we work a lot with the EnOcean-based wireless sensors. If you want to have a deeper insight into the control and integration of these sustainable products, then go directly to our account here.