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Firmware update

Please ensure that you always run your controller with the latest firmware version to ensure a smooth interaction with the GFA5 app. Please follow the update instructions below:

Firmware update with the GFA5 app

In the GFA5 app, you can trigger the firmware update for the controller directly in the app. If a new firmware is available, a notification pop-up will appear in the app. Alternatively, you can check under: Settings → Controller to see if a firmware update is available and also trigger the update directly at this point.

Note: Internet connection is required for the update.

In rare cases where a firmware update cannot be initiated via the GFA5 app, it is possible to upload the firmware using ConfigTool NEO.

Lataa ohjaimen laiteohjelma

Latausversio 1.25.2 (external link)

Muutosluettelo MiniSafe2

Muutosluettelo GFA5

Firmware update with ConfigTool NEO


  1. The ConfigTool NEO is installed
  1. PC and controller are in the same network.

After starting ConfigTool NEO, the controller is displayed directly on the start page.

  1. Click on the controller to access the settings
  1. General” tab: Notes on new firmware versions are displayed here
  1. ”Click on ”Activate forms
  1. Install firmware on the controller

Download ConfigTool NEO

Download Windows-Version (Externer Link)

Download macOS-Version (Externer Link)

Download Linux-Version (Externer Link)

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