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With its digital approach, the non-profit company ”EEBus Initiative e.V.”, which was founded in 2012, aims to minimize power consumption per household and distribute power consumption over the course of the day in such a way that peak loads are avoided. Over the years, more and more major companies have joined this vision. Bosch, E.ON, Hager, JUNG, Miele, Telekom and Viessmann are just a few of the companies that can be mentioned here.

Many other companies, as well as we, support the goal of a unified IP language for all electronic devices in and around the home. Thanks to it, they can then communicate with each other regardless of the manufacturer. Regardless of whether it is a photovoltaic system, wallbox, electricity storage, lighting, household appliances, air conditioning, heating or e-vehicles.

In principle, every power consumer in the grid reports its demand, every generator or storage facility reports its available capacity, and the EEBUS technology regulates load distribution very intelligently.

We are convinced that this idea and our cooperation are absolutely forward-looking and important for the digitization of energy networks and ultimately also for environmental protection. Therefore, we are very happy to be part of this network and to work towards this common goal.