26. helmikuu 2019

Eltako is a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance

<b>Close collaboration in further developing the EnOcean wireless standard</b><br /><b><br />San Ramon, CA, USA – January 22, 2019 – The EnOcean Alliance and Eltako strengthen their collaboration and work together to promote the...[lisää]

26. helmikuu 2019

iRoom Premium docking stations for iPad

We are delighted to announce the joint venture between Eltako and iRoom GmbH, a company based in Salzburg. iRoom’s Apple-certified docking stations are the perfect addition to the <b>Eltako Smart Home Professional</b> product...[lisää]

26. maaliskuu 2018

Trade fair innovation for light+building: The Alarm System Home Safety 4.0

<h3>The innovative Smart Home Wireless System with EnOcean technology</h3>[lisää]

21. joulukuu 2017

Smart metering and visualization with three-phase and single-phase ­energy meters of series 15

Our new three-phase and single-phase energy meters of ­series 15 offer you a versatile and economical ­application in measuring and monitoring electricity.[lisää]

21. joulukuu 2017

„Alexa, switch the light on!“

Talk with the help of „Alexa“ to your Eltako wireless building![lisää]

08. elokuu 2017

Tap-radio® lighting control

The Eltako tap-radio® offers the perfect solution for a sophisticated lighting control thanks to its motion and brightness sensors as well as switching and dimming actuators.[lisää]

08. elokuu 2017

Tap-radio® – a new Eltako ­Wireless Building System Technology with the reliable and worldwide standardized EnOcean wireless ­technology in 868MHz starts now its own homepage!

Find all information about our new wireless home automation system with DIY and professionnal smart home solutions at www.tap-radio.com.[lisää]

08. elokuu 2017

Rotary dimmer

DTD65-230V, DTD55-230V, DTD65L-230V and DTD55L-230V[lisää]

08. elokuu 2017

The wibutler pro

A user-friendly smart home solution with the Eltako wireless system.[lisää]

08. elokuu 2017


From wired signal to radio telegram – with the wireless transmitter module FSM14-UC.[lisää]

02. elokuu 2016

F4SR14-LED 4-channel impulse switch

The professional LED lamp switch[lisää]

04. heinäkuu 2016

Wireless universal actuator FUA12-230V

The clever combination of an antenna module and an impulse switch with one change over contact[lisää]

04. maaliskuu 2016

Wireless repeater FRP65

Increase the range of your Eltako building wireless system with the FRP65/230V-wg Wireless Repeater. For single installation or ­installation in the E-Design switch system.[lisää]

04. helmikuu 2016

Meter collector F3Z14D

Whether you measure gas, water or ­electricity – the F3Z14D energy meter concentrator ­supports you to monitor all your consumption values.[lisää]

15. tammikuu 2016

Wireless universal actuator FUA12-230V

The clever combination of an antenna module and a single channel impulse switch.[lisää]

08. joulukuu 2015

Monitor windows and doors with the Eltako wireless window/door contact FTKB

Combine the FTKB wireless window/door contact with switching, heating/cooling and Venetian blind actuators.[lisää]

24. marraskuu 2015

Wireless weather data display FWA65D

Stay informed! The Eltako wireless weather data display FWA65D shows you different measured values like brightness, temperature or humidity.[lisää]

24. marraskuu 2015

Bus jumper connector BBV14

The bus jumper connector BBV14 allows the connection of several Series 14 bus parts from different levels in the distribution box.[lisää]

20. lokakuu 2015

Weather data gateway FWG14MS

Your installation reliably responds to ­every change in the weather with the Eltako <b>­weather data gateway FWG14MS.</b>[lisää]

24. syyskuu 2015

Dimmable and not dimmable 230V LED tubes

Efficient lighting – with the new generation of Eltako’s LED tubes![lisää]

03. syyskuu 2015

DALI gateway FDG14

Our EnOcean wireless transmitters can be used in a variety of ways with the DALI gateway FDG14![lisää]

03. syyskuu 2015

Wireless clock thermometer and -hygro­stat FUTH65D

Ideal for individual room control via wireless, especially in combination with the <b>wireless small actuator FKS </b>– for heating and cooling of rooms.[lisää]

28. heinäkuu 2015

Wireless temperature controllers FTR65HS, FTR65DS and FTR78S

Essential for individual room control with the ­Eltako Wireless Building – for heating and cooling of rooms.[lisää]

28. heinäkuu 2015

Eltako Powerline – The ideal supplement to the Eltako Wireless Building System with EnOcean

The electricity wiring in buildings acts as the Eltako Powerline bus. Now you can transmit sensor data and telegrams to actuators over the existing electricity wiring instead of broadcasting wireless telegrams - that is the basic...[lisää]

28. heinäkuu 2015

Pushbutton gateway FTS14TG in combination with bus pushbutton coupler FTS61BTK and FTS61BTKL as well as bus pushbutton B4T65

The pushbutton gateway FTS14TG and its components are used to control bus actuators of Series 14 without wireless within a 2-wire pushbutton bus.[lisää]

03. marraskuu 2014

Uusi langaton FUD71 universaali valonsäädin

Uusi langaton FUD71 universaali valonsäädin[lisää]

30. heinäkuu 2014

Langaton GSM-moduuli FGSM14

Langaton GSM-moduuli FGSM14 mahdollistaa etäyhteyden sovelluksen kautta kiinteistöautomaatiojärjestelmään jopa ilman kiinteää internet yhteyttä.[lisää]

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