One-phase energy meters and three-phase energy meters

Observing power consumption is a recognised way to sharpen awareness about energy consumption and to realise how consumers are driving up costs at what time of the day. If automatic countermeasures are taken – e.g. appliances with high consumption are only switched on at low tariff periods – this knowledge and the corresponding efforts take on a practical ecological and economic purpose.
Eltako Wireless Building offers Smart Metering in several stages. From a low-cost solution in the home up to a ­professional solution in large buildings for genuine energy management.
Smart Metering is so cost-effective and incurs no follow-on costs:
The Energy Consumption Indicator EVA12 (page 6-6) displays the current active current consumption in the control cabinet or ­distributor. They save the consumption figures in non-volatile memories that are viewable at any time. The Wireless Energy Consumption Indicators FEA55LED and FEA65D show directly the wireless readings of an Energy Meter Transmitter Module FSS12 (page 10-4), FWZ12 (page 10-11), FWZ14 (pages 10-7) or FWZ61 (pages 10-12). The Energy Consumption Indicator with Display FEA65D saves the values in the same way as the EVA12. Only the Wireless Building Visualisation and Control Software GFVS 4.0 on a Smart Home central unit GFVS-SafeIV can evaluate several meters. GFVS-Energy can evaluate up to 100 meters and GFVS 4.0 up to 250 meters.

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Technical data Smart Metering – Single-phase and three-phase energy meters

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