EnOcean wireless tubular motors with whisper mode

Every morning and every evening it’s the same old grab for the belt to raise or lower the roller shutters – and the same loud grinding, crashing noise. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and quieter if you could do this at the touch of a pushbutton or even with a smartphone app?

This is now so simple with our new FRM60 wireless tubular motors for roller shutters and textile sun blinds. The integrated EnOcean wireless module eliminates the need for any additional installation work to fit the actuators. Simply connect the motor, teach in the pushbutton – that’s it!

Extremely quiet: Press and hold a wireless pushbutton to start 'Slow travel'. The roller shutter then travels gently and quietly in what is called whisper mode.

Exact positioning: When control is by smartphone, start the travel commands by pressing the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons and specify an exact position. Since the wireless tubular motor signals its exact position after each travel, the position is always displayed correctly in the app. When the end positions are reached, the position is synchronised automatically.

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