Declaration of conformity Tap-radio

TF-1FT Tap-radio® 1-way wireless pushbutton
TF-2FT Wireless sensor Tap-radio® pushbutton and mini hand-held transmitter
TF-2FT55 Wireless sensor Tap-radio® pushbutton and mini hand-held transmitter
TF-2FT Tap-radio® pushbutton for central control
TF-2ZT55 Tap-radio® pushbutton for central control
TF-4FT Tap-radio® wireless pushbutton
TF-4FT55 Tap-radio® wireless pushbutton
TF-4PT Tap-radio® profile pushbutton
TF-4PT55 Tap-radio® profile pushbutton
TF-8FE Tap-radio® 8 channel remote control
TF-8FM Tap-radio® mini hand-held transmitter
TF-AHDSB Tap-radio® outdoor brightness twilight sensor
TF-BHSB Tap-radio® motion/brightness sensor
TF-BHSB55 Tap-radio® motion/brightness sensor
TF-BSB Tap-radio® motion sensor
TF-BSB55 Tap-radio® motion sensor
TF-DTB Tap-radio® wireless rotary switch
TF-DTB55 Tap-radio® wireless rotary switch
TF-FGB Tap-radio® window handle sensor with battery
TF-FKB Tap-radio® window contact with battery
TF-FKE Tap-radio® window contact with energy generator
TF-FTE Tap-radio® window touch contact with energy generator
TF-FTSB Tap-radio® Humidity temperature sensor with battery
TF-FTSB55 Tap-radio® Humidity temperature sensor with battery
TF-IUS Tap-radio® indoor UP signal generator
TF-IUS55 Tap-radio® indoor UP signal generator
TF-LGTF Tap-radio® CO2 + temperature + humidity sensor
TF-RWB Tap-radio® smoke detector
TF-SUD Tap-radio® timer
TF-SUD55 Tap-radio® timer
TF-TA55D Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator dimmer
TF-TA55DL Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator dimmer
TF-TA55J Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator shading element
TA55L Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator light switch
TF-TA65D Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator dimmer
TF-TA65DL Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator dimmer
TF-TA65J Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator shading
TF-TA65L Tap-radio® Pushbutton actuator light switch
TF-TFB Tap-radio® Temperature humidity sensor with battery
TF-TRDB Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TRDB55 Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TRHB Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TRHB55 Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TRSB Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TRSB55 Tap-radio® Temperature controller
TF-TTB Tap-radio® Pushbutton tracker
TF-UTH Tap-radio® clock thermo hygrostat
TF-UTH55 Tap-radio® clock thermo hygrostat
TF-WTB Tap-radio® Wireless rocker pushbutton
TF-WTB55 Tap-radio® Wireless rocker pushbutton
TF100A-230V Tap-radio® signal generator adapter
TF100D-230V Tap-radio® universal dimming actuator adapter
TF100L-230V Tap-radio® light actuator adapter
TF100P-230V Tap-radio® Wireless repeater adapter
TF61D-230V Tap-radio® universal dimming actuator
TF61J-230V Tap-radio® shading element actuator
TF61L-230V Tap-radio® light actuator
TF61P-230V Tap-radio® light actuator
TF61R-230V Tap-radio® repeater

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26. February 2019

Eltako is a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance

Close collaboration in further developing the EnOcean wireless standardSan Ramon, CA, USA – January 22, 2019 – The EnOcean Alliance...

01. February 2019

iRoom Premium docking stations for iPad

We are delighted to announce the joint venture between Eltako and iRoom GmbH, a company based in Salzburg. iRoom’s Apple-certified...

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