Eltako – The System in the Building

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The system in the Building can be equipped with anything from simple remote switches through to high-tech wireless and Powerline.

The electricity wiring in buildings acts as the Eltako Powerline bus. Now you can transmit sensor data and telegrams to actuators over the existing electricity wiring instead of broadcasting wireless telegrams - that is the basic difference between the two technologies.

Eltako, the largest EnOcean wireless supplier in Europe, has seamlessly integrated these two technologies into an overall ­system.

In connection with the wireless antenna module FAM14 the wireless Powerline gateway FPLG14 exchanges telegrams bidirectionally between the Wireless Building System and the building electricity wiring.

Existing installations can therefore be supplemented and with new installations, only practicality is the decisive factor which governs the percentage of wireless and Powerline systems. The installation costs are almost identical. Powerline components are also recognised and operated by the Wireless Building Visualisation and Control software GFVS and the wireless GSM module FGSM14 for direct connection to smartphones.

The FTS14 bus and the input module FTS14EM use exactly the same telegram structure as the Wireless Building DIN rail mounted devices of the Series 14 and are therefore directly combinable with actuators and other components in the Series 14.

In this way, centralised installation with Series 14 actuators becomes even more important: you can connect wireless and conventional sensors with FTS14EM and Powerline with FPLG14.

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Eltako – The System in the Building

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