The blue wireless network in the building with GFVS 3.0 and GFVS-Safe II

The Eltako Wireless Building is the wireless network for buildings of any size. The wireless pushbuttons, wireless sensors and wireless actuators from Eltako work perfectly together and control, regulate and switch all areas in the building. GFVS software and hardware for visualisation and control.

  • If a GSM module FGSM14 is installed in the house, it can be monitored and controlled with the available free smartphone app as remote control, without a server and an internet connection being required. A data card with flat is included. Easy and reliable application with the Eltako quickcon® technology.
  • An additional installed server GFVS-Safe II installed with the Wireless Building Visualisation and Control Software GFVS 3.0 provides extra functions and permits modern visualisation and control via tablet or smartphone over the integrated WLAN and integrated wireless antenna module. Remote over smartphone including camera videos.
  • All pushbutton, sensor and actuator functions in the building are retained even if the server is down – e.g. for maintenance purposes.

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20. April 2017

Tap-radio® lighting control

The Eltako tap-radio® offers the perfect solution for a sophisticated lighting control thanks to its motion and brightness sensors as...

13. February 2017

Tap-radio® – a new Eltako ­Wireless Building System Technology with the reliable and worldwide standardized EnOcean wireless ­technology in 868MHz starts now its own homepage!

Find all information about our new wireless home automation system with DIY and professionnal smart home solutions at...

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